Cheat Engine APK For Android Download 2018 – Latest Version

Every day developers across the world are creating endless new games for your entertainment. Open the Google Play Store at any point, when you will find millions of games available online. Some of these games gain immense popularity worldwide and are instant hits. But popular or not, every game will come with hurdles and obstacles that you have to face and solve, in order to reach the next advanced level. Only when you cross these obstacles, you win the game. So, Cheat Engine APK is a boon for these gamers.

Cheat Engine For Android is a highly advanced app that Android gamers can use in order to change the game memory and other data of the game. You have to be very careful while handling this app because when you change data, it might make your phone unstable or even damage it. Cheat Engine APK can only run on ARM-based devices, both for phones and tabs.

Download Cheat Engine APK For Android v6.01 – Official Website

Cheat Engine APK Features

Cheat engine
Cheat engine

Already impressed by this gem of an app? If you are, you just know a part of its amazing features. There are plenty more that will make you love this app. Let’s have a look.

  • You can connect your phone to local or remote controls using the IP address of your device with this app.
  • This app has a feature for the fat scan, which works amazing on most of the games that are available.
  • It can scan the games for a wide range of values- 2 bytes, 4 bytes, 8 bytes, float, string, and even hexadecimal values.
  • It works for all the latest Android versions.
  • It can easily change and save the values in its memory locations.
  • It also features an advanced memory viewer.

Game Killer APK

Download Cheat Engine for Android Devices

Here is the step by step guide on how you can download Cheat Engine APK on your phones or tablets or even PCs.

  • Download the cheat engine .APK from here
  • Enable the ‘download from unknown sources’ on your device, else this app won’t install.
  • Then open the downloaded file and tap on ‘Install’.
  • In a few seconds, the Cheat Engine app will be downloaded.

But the question remains that even after you have installed the app, how can you use it on your phone to get the best out of the game?

How to Use Cheat Engine APK App on your Phone?

The first thing that you will need is a rooted device in order to use Cheat Engine for Android on your phone.

  • Install the app on your phone by following the above steps.
  • Next, open and start playing the game that you have selected to hack.
  • Look for the value that you want to change. For example, coins, points, gems etc.
  • Then start the app and click on ‘Launch reserver and connect locally (requires root)” option.
  • Open the game then and find the CE icon on the game screen.
  • Then you have to allow the Cheat Engine app to either select your game manually or automatically attach itself to the game app.
  • After this, you are now set to scan the value that you want to change.
  • Next, you have to pause the game and look for the value that you want to modify. If you know the value, enter it. And if you don’t know the value, select ‘unknown initial value’.
  • Then to narrow down the list, you need to go back to the game, play it, change the value that you want to change during the course of the game, then go back to Cheat Engine and scan again. You have to do this until you are left with less than 20 values.
  • After narrowing down on the potential values, you have to then add those from your scan list to your address list. Then change them to 999999 or any number you want, click on the checkbox beside it and activate it. You are good to go then!

Final Word

Once you try to cheat engine apk and understand how it works, your entire gaming experience will change forever. But as we already mentioned, you have to be extra careful while operating this app. Keep visiting ApkRockets For more such posts!

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