Freedom APK V3.01 Download For Android – No Root Access Required

The Freedom apk is a must have app for all those Android users who play games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run on their phones. It is irritating to keep collecting keys or coins while paying, right? You all have wished that there were unlimited coins or keys in the games or even on the other similar Android apps. That is where the Freedom app comes to save you.

Do you have an idea of how many apps and games are there on Android? More than 2.2 million! Now, how do these apps make profit for themselves? Of course, there are advertisements, but developers do not really consider that worthy enough to bring back the huge investment they made.  That is why there are in-app purchases on these apps. The games or apps are designed in a way that users have to purchase these features or upgrades in order to go to a new level or unlock a particular feature. Do you really want to make those purchases? No, right? We have got you covered as to how you can avoid those purchased upgrades and keep laying or surfing for free.

Freedom APK v3.01 Download For Android 2018 (Latest version)

What is Freedom APK?

You will not be able to find any separate Freedom apk on the Play Store. In order to have access to this app, a user will have to download the APK of this app. What the Freedom APK app does is that it bypasses Google’s huge search system with a Fake card and lets you buy all the in-app purchases and other premium features that you want to unlock in the game.

Freedom APK
Freedom APK

The fake cards that Freedom Apk uses are false and almost useless as they do not have credits. But these cards can let you unlock or buy premium features of various games and apps. This app makes Google believe that you are using a real credit card to buy these features.

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Features of Freedom APK

Freedom APK Download is no doubt a blessing for Android users who are avid gamers too. While the main feature of this app remains to be your getaway to purchasing premium features of a game or app, the latest update of the app has introduced plenty more features for the users. Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • It is free of cost

This is the best part of this app. Even though it lets you have access to all premium features of games and apps, this app itself is free. Freedom APK can be downloaded by anyone with an Android phone.

  • Free upgrades of other apps

Just like the freedom APK makes premium features free of cost for users, it allows upgrading the apps for free as well. Even the in-app updates and upgrades that require money can be bypassed by the Freedom APK app.

  • You can unlock the highest game levels

How many times has it happened that you are playing the game but you have to stop it midway before you could reach the next level because you do not have the required resources? With the freedom APK, this will no longer be an issue because with the help of this app, it enables you to unlock all the advanced levels of the game that would have required you to purchase them otherwise.

  • It works with all the popular Android games

The latest version of freedom APK that is available is compatible with all the popular games that are available on Android. We already told you how it works by convincing Google that you are purchasing the premium features in a legitimate way. It does not have any resources or any other accounts.

Download Freedom APK on your Android device?

Freedom APK is a third party app, so before you install it on your phone, you have to make a few prior settings before you can install the app. Your Android phone should be rooted; otherwise, the app won’t run on your phone.

  • Download the Freedom APK for Android using this link. 
  • Go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources and enable downloading from unknown sources on your phone.
  • Download the app. You can also download it on your laptop or PC and then transfer that to your phone.
  • Open a file manager that you use on your phone. From there, get to the folder where you have downloaded the app.
  • Open the app and click on the install button.
  • Your app is now installed and you can use its latest features to use your favorite game.

Final word

The freedom apk app is a boon for most Android users who spend their time on their phones playing games. Unlocking premium features is no longer a problem, thanks to this app. 

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